Using A Juice Detox For A Delicious Cleansing Of Your Body

The human body is full toxins. The digestive system is designed to remove these built up toxins via excretion, but modern human life makes this process very difficult. In today’s society, our excretory organs are constantly busy breaking down and removing heavy, complex foods that require a lot of work to process. Meat, grains, dairy, and other substantial foods require more work to digest than simple fruits and vegetables.

Juicing-woman making fruit juice using juicer machine at home in kitchenAs a result, most people today have a digestive system that is falling behind. Toxins build up in organs with nowhere to go, which can have a number of adverse effects. This toxin buildup causes a lack of energy and general sense of fatigue, a weakened immune system, and can lead to mental health problems such as depression. While many modern humans try to treat these symptoms with drugs and medicine, the true solution is to attack the root of the cause the way nature intended: by letting our bodies expel toxins as they would naturally.

The key to escaping this cycle of adding more and more toxins to our bodies is to give the digestive system a rest for a few days. This process is called a juice detox and as you may have guessed, it involves forgoing solid food for the duration and replacing it with healthy fruit and vegetable juices. This period gives your body a chance to completely remove all traces of solid food from the digestive track and start working on giving it a good cleaning. The process can sound daunting at first, which is why beginner juice cleansers often start with a three day cleanse. Eventually, many people work their way up to a full week of juicing.

The process of detoxing simulates the life of an early human, who would have regularly gone a day or two without finding anything but water and maybe a root or two. This is the evolutionary baseline on which our bodies are tuned, which means many of our bodily processes are optimized for it. While going without any calories for days is less than ideal, evolution made the most of the situation by using it as a period of cleansing whenever it occurred. However, much more important for early humans was finding enough to eat, which is why we are programmed to want three square meals a day at all times. An early human who turned down a meal may not have found another meal that week!

The best juice cleanse are the juices that are rich in leafy green vegetables for substance and nutrition, and supplemented with fruit juices for flavor. Great ingredients include kale, spinach, lemon, lime, tomato, blueberry, grape, and apple, but really any fruit or vegetable can work out fine.

As you can see, a juice detox is the perfect way to get your body back on track, and start having more energy. Toxin buildup is something almost every person suffers from, and it causes depression and lethargy in all of them. Give a juice cleanse a try, and see how much better you can feel!