Tips For A More Successful Sugar Detox Diet

The average American diet includes about 152 pounds of sugar per year. That’s 152 pounds for every man, woman, and child! An even more shocking fact is that sugar has been determined to be eight times more addictive than cocaine.

Refined white sugar on a black backgroundIf these statistics are alarming to you, then you’re not alone. Doing a sugar detox diet is becoming an increasingly popular step toward better health for many people. Maybe you should do it too. Here are some suggestions to help you complete a successful sugar detox.

Get Your Head Straight

In order to successfully detox from sugar, you have to be very clear about why you’re ridding yourself of your addiction to sugar. There are five tell-tale signs that indicate a sugar addiction.

  1. If you’re defensive about the amount of sugar that you consume
  2. Eating to satisfy cravings rather than hunger
  3. Hiding your sweets
  4. Choosing to eat foods that you know contribute to health problems.
  5. Rewarding yourself with sweets

The more sugar that you consume, the more you will crave. Breaking the sugar addiction is vitally important to maintaining your health.

Make Sure That Your Timing Is On The Mark

Avoid starting the diet at a time when you have a hectic schedule or will be under any unavoidable stress. It is best to choose to begin at a time when you can remain well grounded, and ready to deal with the headaches and general crankiness that commonly occur during the early part of your detox. For example, start at a time when you have nothing else going on rather than when you are expecting dinner guests.

Know Where Your Sugar Comes From

People often include sugar in their diet and don’t even realize it. The first three days, you should avoid consuming any carbohydrates such as wheat and other grains, alcohol, and any sources of added sugar that you currently consume. These can include spaghetti sauces, marinades, and salad dressings.

You’ll also have to temporarily cut some healthy foods like fruit and dairy from your diet. These can be brought back in on day four, but because they are sources of high concentrations of sugars, it will make it much more difficult for you to succeed if you consume them in the beginning. Instead, focus on consuming whole foods and proteins.

Slowly Add Some Healthy Sugars Back In

After the first three days, you can begin to add in sources of healthy sugars like apples and dairy. You can add graduated amounts of additional fruit, healthy grains, dairy and even dark chocolate and wine. Slowly reintroducing sugars into your diet helps to recalibrate your palate to help control cravings.

These suggestions will help to ensure that your sugar detox diet is successful. Getting to the point where you can choose to consume foods that are healthy for your body, rather than feeling compelled to eat sweets is a rewarding feeling. You’ll be better prepared to deal with cravings as they occur and you’ll feel more energetic and healthier too!