The Benefits Of A Lemon Water Detox

Over time, your body can accumulate toxins. These toxins can come from unhealthy ingredients in your food. They can come from impurities in the air that you breathe. They can be produced in your body as waste products from your system’s regular metabolic processes. Your body’s normal biological functions are designed to eliminate these toxins regularly. However, there are times when your body might need extra help. One of the best and most simple ways to cleanse your body of these toxins is by using a lemon water detox.

Lemons on cutting board with glass of water on grey wooden backgroundThis method uses two main ingredients, which are lemon juice and water. You can drink this as a hot or cold beverage, depending on your taste. You can mix up a batch, fill your water bottle or thermos, and take it with you so that you can sip it throughout the day.

There are multiple benefits to this method of detoxification. Lemons are rich in Vitamin C, a nutrient that is a powerful antioxidant. Vitamin C gives you a boost to your immune system. Although Vitamin C cannot cure your cold, it can alleviate your symptoms and fight infections. In addition to Vitamin C, lemons are rich in essential minerals such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium, and important vitamins including A, B6, and E, among many others.

The juice from a lemon can protect your urinary track system by preventing the development of kidney stones. It helps in the formation of citrates in the urine, which in turn prevents crystals from forming which turn into kidney stones.

Lemon water can help in your digestion. Its composition has similar qualities as your body’s digestive juices. So, when you drink lemon water, it can give your digestion a jump start and help in the break-down of your food.

You can mix an 8-ounce glass of water with the juice from a half of a lemon. Drink this in the morning, and you can give your liver a boost. Your liver works hard in filtering out toxins as your food gets digested. The vitamin C and enzymes from lemon juice stimulate your liver and help it become a more efficient filter while protecting it from damage. Drinking a glass of lemon water in the morning will sure to give your body a healthy start.

When you make lemon water, be sure to always use the juice from fresh lemons. Bottled lemon juice from the supermarket has been processed and will not provide the same benefits. To save time, make ice cubes from lemon juice ahead of time and drop a couple of cubes in a glass water when you want a refreshing and healthy beverage. You can adjust the concentration of lemon juice in your water to suit your tolerance.

Before you start your lemon water detox or any detox regimen, do check with your doctor first. He will evaluate your health and determine if this approach is right for you. A healthy detox regimen, when used appropriately, will sure to enhance your life and your health.