Discover The Benefits Of A Lemon Water Detox

Many people are looking to achieve better health, lose or manage weight and have more energy. There are many ways they try to accomplish this. They might diet, exercise and eat better. But often the body is in a poor condition and these things just don’t seem to get the results most are looking for. That is when they should consider doing a lemon water detox.

Recipe detox cocktail with green tea, lemon, ginger. Vector illustration for greeting cards, magazine, cafe and restaurant menu. Fresh smoothies for healthy life, diets.How Does Lemon Water Help The Body Detox?

Lemon juice mimics many of the digestive juices found in a person’s stomach. This aids the body in digestion, detoxification and how the body breaks down food. When someone drinks a glass of lemon water it triggers a response that causes the liver to produce bile. This keeps the gastrointestinal tract working smoothly and helps proper digestion.

When these things are working better then it helps regulate the bodies natural insulin levels and over time can help restore proper sensitivity to insulin. It also means that the body breaks down the food in a way that it gets more of its nutrition and the food is used for energy instead of being stored as fat.

Many of the foods Americans eat today are highly processed carbs. These break down quickly causing a surge in glucose. When this happens the body triggers the release of insulin to protect itself. Over time this causes the body to become less sensitive to the effect of insulin creating the need for even more to be released. The natural processes of the body then think it is in danger so it stores the food as fat to stop dangerous levels of glucose from being in the body.

Doing a lemon water detox can help reverse some of the changes that happened as part of a poor diet. Even after the detox period, it is recommended to continue drinking lemon water every day.

Is It Necessary To Fast While Drinking Lemon Water?

There are five, seven and ten-day fasting regimens that call for fasting from eating and only drinking lemon water. This is extreme but some people do say it works great. It is recommended that anyone thinking of such an extreme measure consult with a healthy care professional before doing so. If there are any medical conditions that might be negatively affected then it might be best to steer clear of such an extreme measure.

Still, many might benefit from drinking lemon water in place of breakfast and lunch and then eating a well-rounded dinner. This approach is a bit less extreme and it gives the body more time to detox than eating regularly. Because the person is drinking lemon water throughout the day then the one meal they do it will be optimally digested which in turn will mean the body gets more nutrition from the food and processes it to burn as energy instead of storing it as fat.

Anyone using lemon water should fresh squeeze a half of a lemon into each glass of water. They should drink their first glass within the first five minutes of waking up. Then drink lemon water every couple of hours throughout the day. Following this simple detox will help the body to work optimally for health, energy and weight maintenance.