Discover If Detox Patches Are Real Or Placebo

Anyone considering detox patches might be concerned with the many reports they are all a scam. When considering the validity of such statements it is important to remember that phrases like “all of them”, “everyone”, and other statements that claim something is absolutely one way or another are most often not correct. Seldom is something 100%.

Detox Your Body card with a beach on backgroundAre Patches Real Or Placebo?

With any product, there are those brands that make a quality product and those that do not. So when choosing, make sure to check and see what others who have used the product think about it. It is easy to do so now with the internet. It is also good to check with organizations like the BBB to see if there are any unresolved consumer complaints.

Placebo is a word that is tossed around but often not understood. When any pharmaceutical drug is preparing for approval by the FDA it goes through clinical trials that include those who receive the real medicine and those that receive a placebo or sugar pill. If the real medicine is shown to have a statistically higher positive result over the placebo then it has a good chance of approval.

The problem with this vague understanding is that all medicine whether natural or chemical works in part based on the placebo effect. If the person taking the medicine believes it will work it increases its ability to work. That is just a part of the body’s way of healing. All medicine and natural healing methods have some degree of the placebo effect that plays a part in its effectiveness.

So detox patches do indeed work in part based on the placebo effect because that is how all products that are designed to help the body work. For this reason, being concerned if it is a placebo effect or something else really doesn’t matter. If a person gets the results they are looking for then what they did work.

How Does This Product Work?

These pads are made with all natural ingredients that have been found to draw toxins from the body. No known side effects have been found by those using these patches. They are simply wrapped around the soles of the feet before going to bed. In the morning they will likely be much darker in color due to the toxins that were pulled from the body during the night.

Most will wear them at night while sleeping because it is the most convenient way. Some want to know if it is ok to wear them during the day. The answer is yes. They can be worn during the day but it is recommended they are worn only for six hours.

Are They Reusable?

The patches are each made to be used one time. Once they have turned dark then they have done their job and should be disposed of. Using them again will not be effective.

These patches can be an effective part of a healthy lifestyle. It is recommended that any user also includes other tactics for detoxing along with this method for the best overall results. Health is a lifetime pursuit and detoxing is good for the body.